Tuesday, July 12, 2011

its happening

The house hunt for a slightly bigger place with an extra bedroom, second bathroom is in full swing here.
It even got serious enough that I made an appointment for the Mr to view a place today.
Which is so stressful if youre me. 

He doesnt really like the chit chat with the agent. He doesnt really like house hunting like we women do. He doesnt want to be in a strange house looking inside cupboards and testing the water flow. All he's thinking about is the move. The chaos. I revel in chaos ( hey... I have to). Life's always a bit chaotic when you have four kids, isnt it?

He liked the shed though. The open fireplace took second place to the bonus of having a workshop, undercover space for furniture making and perhaps a spot of sculpting. Artist types are so fickle. He wont be living in the shed so isnt the house more important?
All jokes aside, people who know me will realise he and I will be fighting for shed space. Im a total power tool freak and half our now shed is full of my tools. A few years back the kids asked what power tool I wanted for our anniversary that year.

Am I the odd one out here? Do you like playing guystyle on the weekend?
When you do up furniture do you do the whole thing start to finish? Or do you ask the
man of your life for assistance?

In sewing news....due to very early morning drop offs (im talking 5:30), getting up earlier than I like, cutting out once home again over a hot chocolate, my pile of knits for sunday's market is growing nicely. Most of them seem to be boys so im thinking I might be onto something inside my head with those preppy ones I did the other day.


MonetPaisley said...

Gorgeous house, nice and light and white

wendy hill said...

and expensive! we made them an offer so well see....

melissa said...

The house is beautiful - Good luck with it!

yep i love power tools too!


Evelyne said...

I love the house and esp. and that workshop - Good luck!

willywagtail said...

I hope you get that house because the views oof the shed are to die for!!!. Only joking. I long for the days when I will be strong enough to work with all those tools again. At the moment my single indoor power tool (I'll just ignore the iron) is scaring me but I have a bag that I've known about for two months that desperately has to be finished by Friday so I'd better get cracking. Cherrie

Evee said...

Did you get it? I had a peek over on realestate.com (as you know we are hunting for rentals too!) it's stunning and the colour palette is divine, the grass is so green, the driveway so gravelley and the red brick wall so curvey!

Andrea said...

Well, considering mr. rugby doesn't even own power tools, and i am the one that buys them/owned them when we met - no, you are not alone! I will also be the one who takes the garden tools for sharpening!

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