Sunday, July 3, 2011

things are getting ridiculous

So I finished this eskimo late last night and was going to upload it first thing this morning but thought id check my emails before logging into etsy cos sometimes its really deadly in there and I get stuck looking at all the pretty pictures especially when im being lazy and dont wish to get up before the Mr has made me a cup of tea.

Can you guess what im going to say next?

Someone wanted just this size in just this colour so yes! you guessed it! it sold before I had a chance to upload it to etsy!
Pretty happy with that. And the lady even wants to come and pick it up on saturday at my next market experience. Ill be at Craft Hatch from 10am held at the City Library on Flinders Lane in case youre wondering what to do with yourself. Come say hi if youre in the neighbourhood...


zofia said...

Ahh that intuition is kicking in. :)
You've gotta love that!
Good luck at the market...hope you sell lots and lots. xx

Jennie said...

People know a good thing when they see it! Thats brilliant!

Hope the market goes well -
wish we had a decent one around here!!x

Frankie and Ray said...

Win, win and win! Enjoy the market, it'll be a good one!

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