Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wednesday dreams

Its quiet here and a bit gloomy outside.
After an early morning airport send off the Mr's parents are on their way home to NZ and we all just needed to sleep in. I finally got up at 12. I was dreaming I was choking. I hate that. Especially when I got caught making choking sounds. 
The Mr's dreams are way weirder.

Yesterday he dreamt I was a squid. He found me in the ocean (of course) and said he couldnt cook me cos he thought I was too cute so he kept me. We swam around together for a while, he remembered being fascinated watching how deep I could swim and all the time I was growing bigger, then I became me. We had a good laugh over this with Mum and Dad last night, he elaborated at all the right places and had us in stitches, there was mention of 'bigger fish in the sea' and something about a groper, but were all left wondering what it meant.

 I, on reflection, think this...
The Mr, apart from being a keen fisherman feels as if he has found 'me'.
I mean squids are attractive right? Right?
 Or was it the fact they were preparing it on Masterchef, (his favourite show).
I think he is reaching a time in his life that has him appreciating his family and me and all that goes with the huge juggling act that is life as we know it.
 Our life has been full to overflowing lately, like the ocean, like our house.
Full of unusual moments like when he stopped me in the hallway, the house full of his family, stealing a moment to tell me that he was proud of me. Like when he wanted me to 'show and tell' my stuff to his parents, which I couldnt do on demand but they saw bits and pieces anyway while they were here. In celebrating Mum and Dad's 50th we have found many other things to celebrate. We are happy to have our son and new wife and daughter living with us even though it means we may have to find a new home.
Somehow it will all work because we will make it work.
In the middle of this chaos I have been preparing for Craft Hatch. Something ive never done before and never thought id be able to achieve let alone in the middle of everything. I cant tell you how much I needed to be by myself this last two weeks, even just to think clearly.
 It has come down to these final three days.

I have realised something. If I can still manage to produce some Little Tree Kids pieces while there is so much going on then I know I can aim high. I have done a rough count last night and so far 24 jackets are on the go in various stages, some finished and some only cut out. I only need 6 more
for there to be 30 to take to market. Too high to aim you think? Well.... I do need to do boots and slippers and some knits too.
The good news is ive started more slippers.


This is called the full production stage.


Kate said...

Wow! Crazy, crazy times at your place Mrs.
I think you are amazing with the amount you achieve. I'm sure your stall will be magnificent.

And a huge thank you for the gorgeous pin cushion. I never meant for you to make it and send it for nothing. It was an order and I would have been happy to buy it. i adore it of course. And it seems it went for a journey around the neighbourhood before ending in my Po box. Next time I'll be sure to give you our proper addy.

So big love and goodluck for your next three days and thank you once more.

Frankie and Ray said...

I love those stolen moments in hallways, even if you're making a dash from the kitchen to the laundry to the lounge with a million things on your mind. They're still the best! And don't panic about the we say in these parts 'you can't sell what you haven't got'!

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Very exciting! And that window you can work by is delightful - the light that can come in and help you through these times! How great you can work from home and be a mama too - your work is just beautiful! xx Rach xx

Abbe said...

Sounds nice and swimmy...
Paddle well at the market x

naughtyshorts! said...

You can do it!

Andrea said...

Ah funny dreams! I know the feeling. I always dream save the world dreams. Once I was saving the world from a devil in a spiderman suit, it involved running through the streets of melbourne and catching trams. The squid dream sounds much nicer!

Meanwhile, can't wait to see photos of your market stall! 6 more - you can do it!!

zofia said...

There was a program on squids in the early hours last week...they are very amazing..did you know?!
All I can say is 'go Wendy' are amazing to get that done with such a full house. I am in awe.

I have to say that painting is amazing. Wow.

MonetPaisley said...

You are awesome! I would be proud of you too! And I cartainly take a.few moments to pat yourself on the back and be proud of yourself too. I know you will be fantastic on saturday! Xx

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