Friday, April 27, 2012

colour therapy

A few realities have hit me hard this week. Neither the Mr or I know what were doing so we have been fumbling around for a few months in limbo, throwing ideas around daily. Busy surviving but not really living to our fullest capacity. I feel restricted and this is unnerving me on a base level. Ive been pondering over Maxabellas post all morning and again wish I had her masterful penmanship in order to clear even the simple thoughts, but I dont, so wont try; plus the thoughts im having are of the deep, dark kind and no-one wants to dwell there.

Im aware that I thrive on the freedom that change gives a person, and not wishing to sound flippant (but probably will) need to desperately do something to lighten my mood. Something just for myself without others dictating what it can or should be. An injection of colour therapy is in order. 

Ive mentioned how much I love the feel of this current house we are in, but the fact is that we are only here for a few short months as they will demolish it as soon as the permits come through. The landlord has given us the full go ahead to paint wherever we like, which I love the sound of but the Mr thinks im strange for wanting to waste time and paint. Okay, so I dont necessarily have a whole heap of time up my sleeve but I would rather spend an evening or two painting than sitting around watching tv, and the paint we already have litres of. Painting stuff is like my down time.

All but one of the rooms are the original colours and have never ever been repainted since this place was built, its only the hallway I have huge issues with. Its a type of gloomy yellow nothing colour and I cant stand it. I fully realise that 99.9% of people would leave it as is and I wish I could be the same. Im not certain but entering this room upon arriving home transports me to my childhood and makes me feel stuck. I quickly move onto another room. So, along the lines of 'prevention is better than cure'
im now positive the entry here has to be painted soon. 

How about you... 
Does colour affect you deeply too?
Are you in the point one percent like I am?
Do you feel free when change happens?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

todays makings

Off and on there has been some discussion coming from the Mr of this cut out, but yet unsewn jacket, the fire kept going out as I stitched it together this afternoon, he will be happy when he comes home and sees it finished, red is his favourite colour so he loved this found wool. 

Ill be spending the evening cutting out another hundred or so squares, our tv is not yet tuned in and probably wont be anytime soon, electrical things baffle and stress me, however I would like to watch Grand Designs and a new show Angie told me about called Picker Sisters. 

A happy finding of a few Juniper boots when the studio got tidied, I must try to do bigger sizes but im not confident ill get them right first go. I wont relish the trial and error of patternmaking until I find my sense of creative freedom again. I hope it will return before winter hits.

a returning

Our family who have been staying have just driven out the driveway and are headed home.
There will now be a void. Well miss them as things slowly return to normal. Again. Boy, do I wish for normal. We havent seen it for a couple of months. This move has finally exacted its toll and I can admit to myself that im not only tired but am on the other side of overtired. My market life is a distant memory and im at an all time low in stock so I cant see how I can jump in anytime soon unless a burst of creative energy comes out of nowhere.

So in a way im relying on the sewing of this quilt to help me settle into this house. Find my feet, stabilise, ground myself somehow.
If the sun would only show itself for a day or so then gardening could be part of my weekends plan too.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

king size quilt

I cant think of a better way to celebrate my new space than to make a quilt.
This is the king size custom order ive been longing to work on for a few weeks now while my customer patiently waits. Just needed a block of a few days all together to get stuck in. I will be doing my darndest to complete this within the next few days, perhaps over the weekend. Very pleased with the opportunity to stare at it before it goes to its new home. Ive used a decent amount of red and turquoise this time, almost as the basis colours.

Monday, April 23, 2012

studio space control

Its all finally under control here at TTL. I want to sew but im so very, very afraid it will get messy again that im going to take things a bit slower until I can reteach myself the putting away of things at the days end, hopefully.

If you didnt see the previous post this is a present I got when the Mr came home this morning. Ive always coveted these but as I would never pay full price for one, didnt think id own one all for myself. So so love this.

The fittings for the lamps have gone missing so ive threaded them onto the curtain rod for the time being. Quite pleased with myself for thinking outside the box even though I need to stand on a chair to turn them on and off. 

The door conceals my naughty corner, hiding some boxes of leather, odd things in the middle of the make, the printer, inspiration folders, etc.

All thats left is to hang something on the walls. Ive been hammering stuff up all over the house and this will be my last stop.

the presence of presents

We spent the evening waiting for presents that didnt arrive, the drive too long to attempt when he was tired from the day of garage saleing and waiting around a country auction. Navarh was on one of his guitar designing missions, so instead of the dinner promised, pizza came and then one baby was cuddled off to sleep. She sang to us this night. 

I slept on his side of the bed for the first time I remember and he noticed as soon as he walked in, smiling at the knowledge of being missed.

The presents were worth the overnight wait, hed found things that would be both useful and loved.

I told him he had done nothing wrong.*

* a family saying we use instead of praise.

Sunday, April 22, 2012








Three days of housework, repositioning, unpacking, repacking, nailing, hanging, folding, reading, napping, thinking, hot chocolating, pinteresting, musing, styling is enough. Time for them to come home. Plus he rang me just before saying hes bringing home presents.

Friday, April 20, 2012

he left me

The Mr has left me. Hes gone away for the entire weekend, which, for him unusually began today, taking the couch potato and the dog.

This is what I honestly told myself, in my slightly left of central brain, that I would be doing today. Sticky-taping a vintage pattern together in order to have a merry friday of a time designing and tweaking new patterns for the make. I secretly wanted to be all set up for the KCWC over at ElsieMarley even though I havent committed in real. 

But while the menfolk, both a bit too good humouredly, revelled in the packing of our van, my van,
it began to dawn on me.

I will be performing housework of an impressive magnitude. 

Not the normal type where you put things away where they belong. No, all of this stuff, my stuff, doesnt yet belong anywhere.
Dont feel sorry for me because there are empty cupboards waiting and it had to happen. Shame it has to be now when ive got so much free creative time. Three days of aloneness.  
After waving goodbye I locked the front gate and have cleared one end of the dining table

but that still leaves the other end.

and the things on the floor in the corner.

We'll walk straight past the washing pile and the boxes that should already be in the shed, and the youngins vacuum cleaner that I had to borrow (as mine is down for the count)

leading to my studio, which I almost had under control early on until the Mr decided to confiscate my old patchwork stash storage cupboard to use for his clothes.

Dont feel sorry for me, see, an empty cupboard. Very un-useful if I cant access it, but theres a glimmer of hope. Those blue Ikea bags hold an amazing amount of fabric. My upcycled life is in those bags.

Another empty space up top in this room too and they are surprising and deep and go to the ceiling.
Oh and theres my broken vacuum cleaner in the corner. Sad. I loved that sucker.

Im sensing that all this place needs are some hooks and nails to shove as much on the walls as possible and surely it can be just as clear as the last place. If only I could find the hammer. A bit of styling thrown in after I glean some inspiration from Pinterest perhaps? Ive seen the craziest cotton reel holder on there that ill be coercing the Mr to help me build this week.

I may as well take you out the front while im at it.
But then this is his stuff and ill need to leave him something to do when he gets back.
Theres also a canoe and a punching bag in the front yard. But the gate is locked so you cant get in.
Did I tell you my bike got stolen while we were away?

Better dive into it.

Hope you all have a more imaginative weekend!

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