Wednesday, April 18, 2012

this house

Something about this house has me buzzing. It is in such a vintage, original state. We both walk around from room to room talking about the place. It feels a little bit like the house I grew up in, (probably the colours) and the Mr says it reminds him of being at his grandparents. Ive been getting up as soon as im awake these last few days to sew or cut out to try to organise things back to a sense of normal. This is the scene of today.
 Everyone else was still sleeping so even the idea of putting dishes away was too noisy. I left them sitting and instead placed the machine on the table outside, for another day of sewing in the garden. Realising now ive been sewing outdoors for almost a week.

These are part of my shop update today. Im hoping to squeeze one more thing in before the light fades.


Maxabella said...

A pretty spot to sew and sew! x

BOB & MABEL said...

I love where you've been sewing, it would certainly get the creative juices flowing.

Lea said...

gorgeous as always Wendy. LOVING that green!

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