Friday, April 20, 2012

a card design

In an effort to try to remain awake until the Mr came home from work last night, I designed a different business card with a showcase of my clothes for market customers. Something more eyecatching than my red tree. Did I just say...

Anyhow, I had been using some I had designed that double up as price tags on their reverse side.
 Now I have almost mastered how to create one of these on Picasa (at least I think ill be able to remember how I did this). I didnt fuss to much with the choices as vistaprint was having a special sale where I was able to get 500 for under $17 including postage. 

Woo hoo thought me and away I went. By the time I figured out how to perform a grid for the fifth time I had lost my initial clothing choices and had to rescroll all the way through my album folders over and again adding once more for emphasis.

I thought id include the red jacket I made for Violet as I definitely wish to do more of these but havent quite got there yet with the pattern making. If I get some interest ill have to, thats the way I roll. I need to be forced to make patterns.

So I suppose these items are not necessarily the ultimate, some are some arent my all-time-favourites but they are good enough.  
Ill wait and see how it prints out before getting too carried away the arty side of things. 
Theres always next time.

And the Mr has just risen and is giving me his opinion. The verdict. 'Thats what I wanted you to do'.

How do you design your business cards? Are there any helpful sites that you wish to share?

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