Wednesday, April 25, 2012

king size quilt

I cant think of a better way to celebrate my new space than to make a quilt.
This is the king size custom order ive been longing to work on for a few weeks now while my customer patiently waits. Just needed a block of a few days all together to get stuck in. I will be doing my darndest to complete this within the next few days, perhaps over the weekend. Very pleased with the opportunity to stare at it before it goes to its new home. Ive used a decent amount of red and turquoise this time, almost as the basis colours.


willywagtail said...

I pity you for all the aligning of blocks but really envy you the joy of seeing it all come together again. It's going to beautiful lying on their bed. Cherrie

Maxabella said...

So colourful! Bet you feel right at home now. x

Kelly Ingram said...

Its looking so gorgeous Wendy. A really lovely mix of fabrics xx

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