Monday, April 23, 2012

studio space control

Its all finally under control here at TTL. I want to sew but im so very, very afraid it will get messy again that im going to take things a bit slower until I can reteach myself the putting away of things at the days end, hopefully.

If you didnt see the previous post this is a present I got when the Mr came home this morning. Ive always coveted these but as I would never pay full price for one, didnt think id own one all for myself. So so love this.

The fittings for the lamps have gone missing so ive threaded them onto the curtain rod for the time being. Quite pleased with myself for thinking outside the box even though I need to stand on a chair to turn them on and off. 

The door conceals my naughty corner, hiding some boxes of leather, odd things in the middle of the make, the printer, inspiration folders, etc.

All thats left is to hang something on the walls. Ive been hammering stuff up all over the house and this will be my last stop.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

looks just lovely... I'm hoping to have a room of my own soon.. a room to call a studio! xx

Lisa said...

Nice pictures. Now Ifeel like cleaning up !!! What is the present? I never saw that before?

MonetPaisley said...

Yeah what is that? Is it to hold your roll of brown paper????

Copper Patch said...

The new crafty space or fabbo. Great light! And great idea to hang the lights!!
Looking forward to seeing the giant quilt finished xx

Maxabella said...

Love your new space... SPACE!! Awesome! x

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