Thursday, April 26, 2012

todays makings

Off and on there has been some discussion coming from the Mr of this cut out, but yet unsewn jacket, the fire kept going out as I stitched it together this afternoon, he will be happy when he comes home and sees it finished, red is his favourite colour so he loved this found wool. 

Ill be spending the evening cutting out another hundred or so squares, our tv is not yet tuned in and probably wont be anytime soon, electrical things baffle and stress me, however I would like to watch Grand Designs and a new show Angie told me about called Picker Sisters. 

A happy finding of a few Juniper boots when the studio got tidied, I must try to do bigger sizes but im not confident ill get them right first go. I wont relish the trial and error of patternmaking until I find my sense of creative freedom again. I hope it will return before winter hits.


Maxabella said...

I agree with the Mr. The red check is just terrific. x

willywagtail said...

Very pretty check. The mister is right. Cherrie

Teresa said...

Love the red wool jacket, it's gorgeous! Think it's my favourite that you've made....but then I am a bit partial to red. So that's three ticks for the Mr....oh and Angie's right the Picker Sisters is great watching. Love how their brains work and their creativity flows...if only mine was that consistent...hehe! Happy sewing and I hope you find your groove.

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