Thursday, April 26, 2012

a returning

Our family who have been staying have just driven out the driveway and are headed home.
There will now be a void. Well miss them as things slowly return to normal. Again. Boy, do I wish for normal. We havent seen it for a couple of months. This move has finally exacted its toll and I can admit to myself that im not only tired but am on the other side of overtired. My market life is a distant memory and im at an all time low in stock so I cant see how I can jump in anytime soon unless a burst of creative energy comes out of nowhere.

So in a way im relying on the sewing of this quilt to help me settle into this house. Find my feet, stabilise, ground myself somehow.
If the sun would only show itself for a day or so then gardening could be part of my weekends plan too.  

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willywagtail said...

Isn't it great how children who are surrounded by craft want to join in. Here's hoping you can all settle soon. I think what you need is a complete break from doing anything. Just lie down all day, read books, watch telly and DON'T allow yourself to do anything. You'll soon want to and your body will have had a bit of catchup. Bet you can't do it though. Looking forward to seeing your family back soon and hope they find a settlement soon too. Hugs Cherrie

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