Saturday, April 14, 2012

sewing outside again

Ive been sewing outside again due to this beautiful weather and the obvious reason (if you know me after a house move), but we wont talk about the state of the studio today. I might decide to show and tell in few days with how bad things have become in there, and probably will, knowing me.
 Theres nothing like a crazy before and after to get the creative juices flowing. Plus I really truly need to tidy up as we have family visiting from interstate while they look for a place of their own and the fabrics have taken over the house.

The jackets at the machine are a custom order that I didnt get finished before we went away so they travelled all the way to NZ and back with me. A last minute decision to reduce the stress of trying to complete them before getting on a late night flight. It worked too (with relieving the anxiety), but even though 

I began them while over there, mums machine wasnt up to a good standard of topstitching so brought them back unfinished. 

They are done and in the shop now so im moving right along to the longest, scariest list of orders ive had to date.

Watch this space!


Bron said...

I too love sewing outside when the weather is right......glad the weather is doing the nice thing for you. x

ally said...

Oh those jackets are adorable

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