Thursday, April 19, 2012

my creative space

Im in the mood to revamp everything at the moment. 

Like the other night I finally got around to putting my clothes away in the new house and as I went through them I did some problem solving. I either sorted them for an opshop drop or chopped into them with scissors, slicing off what annoyed me about certain items, from simple button removal right through to changing necklines and hem length. You can call me Edward (scissorhands that is).

I used to naturally do this during season changes, back in the day when I was more 'me' and took time out. I had forgotten how it is so liberating. I honestly feel like I have begun a fresh wardrobe. Having said that I actually believe that the whittling down of clothes is much better than actually shopping for new. Guilt free but still gives you that giddying effect.

In this process of processing I decided to go through and make a change to a top I had made for Little Tree Kids that never quite hit the desired look. After staring at it for a couple of minutes it became clear that it needed a border to tie together the patchwork front and back. I had found this lovely blue seersucker at the opshop the other day and it was perfect to use. 

Late into last night I was up working on a new design that needed to get out of my head and become reality.
I wasnt quite sure how wide to tweak this pinafore pattern of mine or whether using this style would work in wool at all and hang right, both on the coathanger and a child. Ive made the neckline higher on the chest for warmth.

But im very happy with it and will attempt some more soon. This one is a size 4 and will be part of my shop update today.

had my giggle for the day at this I found over at Sugar City Journal.


Christie said...

I love that wool pinnie, the colours are so soft and pretty, it would be wonderfully warm too.

Allana said...

Oh, I dream of properly sorting out my wardrobe and making the clothes I keep functional and wearable! Well done :)
Love the little pinny, it's gorgeous and would be great for the cold tassie Autumn we are having :)

Alex O said...

Love your dresses. You might like the shaby chic blanket dresses made by

Maxabella said...

Edward, you're an inspiration as ever. Love the little pinny. x

Seaweed and Raine said...

That woolen blanket looks just like my baby blanket... except that mine still looks like a blanket! lol
I think I rather like it. And I can see that the previous top improved with the boarder. :) Enjoy renovating your wardrobe - it is quite liberating to sort and revamp, isn't it (I must do more of it post-baby).
Enjoy your creative journey! :)

willywagtail said...

Those pinafores look so warm. I really fear for the vintage blanket population of Australia. (joke) Have you lined the skirt too? I don't cut up my own clothes, just ones that I pick up from elsewhere. and yes it is liberating. A whole new garment for almost no work. Have a good weekend. Cherrie

Bungalowgirl said...

Love that pinny- gorgeous stuff. Good luck with all the unpacking and sorting, minus the blokes! melx

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