Friday, April 13, 2012

just what we needed

Ive been away so long its hard to know where to start but lets start with last week shall we?
Last week we were in New Zealand visiting the inlaws and it was just what we needed.
 Here is how our visit began, Dad showing us all the local animals they have seemed to collect in their paddock out back.
I loved the view of these three trees and beyond.
They live in a pretty place on the planet in an old home they have been renovating over the last five years.
We miss them and they want to come back to Australia so it will be ready to go on the market soon we hope.

We were inspired by Dads vegie patch as we ate from the garden every day and he makes his own bread too. I woke up full and went to bed worse. Damn molasses loaded pumpernickel!

Perhaps another day ill show you inside. I can say that I wasnt quite ready to come home. Mum spoilt us with her massive amounts of baked goods which we couldnt even finish within the 10 days we were there.
We came home on a midnight flight sunday and now we have family visiting us for a surprise visit. More on that later though people cos im going to try to relax now.


willywagtail said...

Missed you very much. Glad you had a good time. Will be wonderful for you guys if the family can come over for good. Cherrie

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Lovely to hear from you Wendy xx missed reading your adventures! xx

Teresa said...

Yay you're back! It was getting a bit lonely at your blog space, I kept visiting but you weren't here...insert sad face...seeing those beautiful photo's I can understand why...wish I lived there, no wonder you didn't want to come home. But now that you're back I can enjoy my morning cuppa and catch up with all your adventures, makings, humour and insights, that make me smile. Hope we can catch up again soon.

Kelly Ingram said...

Yay! You're back - missed you! Your break looks amazing, relaxing and like foodie

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