Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We are one day into our road trip up the coastline and it almost feels like three. We began to relax as soon as we got in the van and did a quick opshop before we even left our suburb as is our way these days. That man knows my lingo, plus years ago I worded him up on beginning the holiday the moment youre out the front door, not once you reach your destination.
Saves all the stress of the journey.

This morning we woke up by a river and waited for the opshops to open in the township we were in, meanwhile we talked about the possibilities of owning this property for sale.
The real estate agent didn't open or I would have asked for a viewing right there and then! We have to call in on the way back to pick up our thrifted laybys, (we didn't want to take them with us) so we may just have a look then if our curiousity holds.


The Moerks said...

oooh very exciting.

Maxabella said...

You're doing an op shop tour along the coast? That's so cool! x

MonetPaisley said...

See you tomorrow, boat or no boat..... Love the ladders with sizing labels, fantastic idea!!!!! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

it's my idea of a perfect holiday, browsing small town op shops and relaxed driving. hope you're having a wonderful time. if you're coming to sydney you know wolf and i would love to meet you for a quick cuddle! xo

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