Monday, March 12, 2012

getting ready for a festival

Theres a line up happening on my usual cabinet for the Mordialloc Food and Wine festival this coming weekend.
If only I knew way back when I booked (and paid) nine months ago that id be trying to replenish stock at an all time low, while I was moving house! I think I would have hesitated.
But I had a really good and fun market there last year and I couldnt help myself. 

By now you are fully aware of my madness and that im just a little bit okay at pushing the boundaries of production. So im up to five jackets so far while the menfolk have been outside doing the final garden tidy up and they are allowing me this time to sew my cheeks off. In fact ive been speaking orders of what is next to do over the loft railing for most of the afternoon while I had an enjoyable time up yonder in the loft that ill be saying goodbye to tomorrow by way of dismantling the shelving and tables. Only one more day.

The favourite jacket of the the day is this one with a cowboy print hood lining and red denim on the back yoke.

I had almost forgotten about the little people the Mr was making in time for last weekends market out at Rokeby. He got one done in time. I didnt mention that ive been meeting up with Zjahlii, babies too of course, and mum for the morning and I adore this quaint little place to sell my wares. Its such a cruisey working day. 

 Anyway here is the new prop which took pride of place at the front of the stall on saturday. Wish id thought to take a shot in situ as it looked so cool.

Her/his legs just come right out of the base ready to dress in whatever I fancy. Brothers and sisters are coming up, but maybe we should move house first.

This little size 3 grass and olive check jacket was part of a shop update today.

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

You ARE oh so clever... wish I could visit - but I am doing my first Upwey Grassroots Market! xx Hope all is great xxx Rach

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