Sunday, March 11, 2012


There is a quietness here. Two days until the move and its lovely and still, like an intake of breath.
Slowly walking through im taking it all in before I forget what it was like to live in this house.
But there it is right there. This, this was a house that we lived in. Great lofty space and white walls but not a home entirely. 
It was somewhere we needed to be for while we needed it. For a purpose that no longer exists. So im saying goodbye to the rooms with no hint of emotion for it will only be the soft colour of the front walls that I miss. Easily sorted by painting some at the next place. Which has good bones all of its own in a more humble form and we love it to bits. The next place we will make into our home.

A found print on the way home from market yesterday that I keep moving around from room to room for some reason. 

A book im reading sits on the bedside table.

 The wardrobe will be the last place to be packed in the lead up to a big cull. I will sew something for me to go with some finds from yesterday. 

A boxful of scarves waits on a table while I get sidetracked sorting of shoes and bags. 

Ill miss the view of grasses from the bed.

Another vintage find will be a gift. The missing piece of a friends collection that I instigated.
A thankyou for a kind favour she did me.

Wishing you all an equally slow sunday..

ps  My niece came to stay last night for a delightful sleepover with a couple of friends and it was great to spend time with her watching a girly movie while scoffing lollies and chocolates girl style. We walked to have pizza at La Porchetta then grabbed a movie to settle in for the night. I hope she returns soon with as many friends as will fit at the new place and I hope to not be so worn out next time. Loved your visit Avy!

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zofia said...

Oh a move-exciting!
Off to read back and back...

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