Sunday, March 4, 2012

a family weekend

There has been lots of juggling of babies and cuddles here in the pats couple of days leading up to doing the market at Red Hill today. This is not a shot of the stall as it was today, no sirree as it was overcast and drizzly on and off. This is care of Eleesa taken when she popped in at Mornington Main street last week and she performed, as she often does, a quick restyling to great effect for an unfocused me.
Thanks to her effortless touches the marquee felt fresh and funky and I found myself a little bit in awe of her stylists eye.
But im getting sidetracked. Getting back to the present, Zjah has been down from the country for a few days sewing and she wanted to be on board for todays market so weve been sewing winter jackets together, movie watching in between, a little bit of baking in form of a pumpkin, basil and feta quiche followed by banana cake, cuddling baby Archer to sleep as he is the snuggly kind that likes to fall asleep nestled into your neck which is swoon worthy if you ask me, and weve had Violet baby here spending time with her cousins taking some first steps! Things are delightful in a lot of ways.

Blogger is still acting strangely and im lost as to how to fix it. A shop update will be happening tomorrow if I get the chance. Im hoping to sew even more eskimos while Zjah is here as its so great having someone to chat to while stitching plus she wants to find out the tricks involved with doing the cardigans and knits. Did I mention I have two of the largest bagfuls ready to be chopped up and played with? Time to stop opshopping and time to get cutting dont you think!


willywagtail said...

Sounds delightful. The snuggle into the neck is my absolute favourite baby cuddle. I am always in awe of Eleesa's skills. Very clever lady. I've started to do a little bit of stock re-use as I slowly calm down with my op-shopping frenzy but it is so much fun to aquire isn't it. Cherrie

Frankie and Ray said...

So glad to see the rain hasn't dampened your spirits, and what a nice few days you're having. Nothing like the lovely secure feeling of a baby asleep in your neck, and a big couple of bagfuls of materials all ready and waiting! xx

dorothybills..... said...

Aww, thanks, nice to know I have skills, hehe xx

Andrea said...

Does sound lovely. Baking and markets! I can't wait to be able to order an Eskimo but at this rate unless you make premie size will be long wait. One day though because I love them.

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