Friday, March 16, 2012

two days ago

Looking back it seemed like we had it all under control but the reality was we ran out of boxes towards late Tuesday night, no time to go get more, there were things remaining in the dishwasher and what I thought were last minute in the kitchen which added up to four or six boxfuls (whos counting at this stage?), plus soooo much fabric and blankets (I may summon the courage to show you in follow up posts) that I half filled a queen size mattress bag in desperation to get it in the truck. That was only a third of my blanket stash. When they arent rolled into tight little rolls they grow larger.

That was just the beginning. Why do I always leave my fabric til the last minute to do? No boxes means you cant pack, equals chaos at the other end. Actually both ends to tell the truth and lots of sideways glances from the Mr to put it nicely.
My market storage cupboard was also still completely full, you know, just in case I decided to do a midnight market somewhere. Idiot. But then the boxes excuse comes up again.

 Once the removalists come things start to roll but id forgotten how they dont stop all. day. long.

 We said goodbye to the moving guys and we still did another few loads of the awkward shed things, plus the actual shed. Argghhh!

Then up at 6am to perform the big clean the next day to drop the keys in by lunchtime. Someone thought they had til Friday closing time, didnt they. I blame the tiredness of it all cos my brain does go to sleep when it looks like im awake.
We were fifteen minutes late even then. Annnd we needed to go back to do the outside sweep, final weed (why dont I just give in and use chemicals like normal people?), lawn mower, forge, rubbish load, wood we picked up from the neighbours to make another table from, plants, wheelbarrow and im sure im missing something else.

There will be a monster garage sale happening at our place one of these days when I have nothing better to do. Promise. Please hold me to it!


Bungalowgirl said...

Sounds like an epic move! Times like this make us consider minimalism. melx

Anonymous said...

oh wendy! that sounds like a nightmare. urgh! enough to make you wish you never had to move again?! you poor things. I hope you have put your feet up for at least a few minutes with a cup of tea/glass of wine.

jennie said...

Running out of boxes sounds like a nightmare. Try and relax tonight, the worst is over!XXX

willywagtail said...

Even so you have done very well. Liking the colour of the new walls. Cherrie

malathi said...

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