Saturday, March 17, 2012

the first day of unpacking

This is how the new place was looking by thursday evening, the first day in really, as it hadnt been a whole 24 hours timewise yet. In some rooms things were shaping up nicely and other problem areas have gotten even worse in the following day and a half (where were at now).

I had even lit the fire to burn a few boxes plus it happened to be cider o'clock.
Ill walk you through.

Ive been finding lots of terracotta pots half buried or plonked at random in the garden with all sorts of what looked like deceased plants in them. I saved one or two, hopefully.

there is a bare bit in full sun which I want to surprise the Mr with by way of that vegie patch I never got to do at the last place. And the one before.

Finally a lemon tree. yippee.

Now for the not so pretty and the not so organised, we are getting there though thanks to alot of sweat and shifting of things in the shed by the man who holds my heart. Boy, he is a hard worker. Maybe its because of the fact that in one more day he is on three weeks holidays and the sense of it looming is apparent.

The entry with the blankets for the eskimos.
This pile is still here and even larger as we found more to add.

The lounge earlier in the day before moving the couches into place and straightening up.

The new sewing room space looking not spacious one little bit.

Today im in here sewing and have sorted most things into bulk lots in order to function with the market prep for tomorrow. At this stage its kind of looking like ill get there. Im writing this in my lunch break of course! The Mr is out sourcing all my last minute things for me, thread, customer bags, etc. so thats handy of him.
Ill best be getting back to the machine.
Have a great weekend all!


willywagtail said...

What a garage! The mister is dwarfed in it. BTW I call my son Mister and have always done so. I think you are very brave to keep doing markets as if nothing untoward has been happening in your life. Cherrie

dorothybills..... said...

New Place looks filled with character and those trees!Cant wait to see!
You are a whiz at moving house then market the next day, should be a good one though, sorry couldnt get there xx

Andrea said...

looks like a great house!!

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