Friday, April 20, 2012

he left me

The Mr has left me. Hes gone away for the entire weekend, which, for him unusually began today, taking the couch potato and the dog.

This is what I honestly told myself, in my slightly left of central brain, that I would be doing today. Sticky-taping a vintage pattern together in order to have a merry friday of a time designing and tweaking new patterns for the make. I secretly wanted to be all set up for the KCWC over at ElsieMarley even though I havent committed in real. 

But while the menfolk, both a bit too good humouredly, revelled in the packing of our van, my van,
it began to dawn on me.

I will be performing housework of an impressive magnitude. 

Not the normal type where you put things away where they belong. No, all of this stuff, my stuff, doesnt yet belong anywhere.
Dont feel sorry for me because there are empty cupboards waiting and it had to happen. Shame it has to be now when ive got so much free creative time. Three days of aloneness.  
After waving goodbye I locked the front gate and have cleared one end of the dining table

but that still leaves the other end.

and the things on the floor in the corner.

We'll walk straight past the washing pile and the boxes that should already be in the shed, and the youngins vacuum cleaner that I had to borrow (as mine is down for the count)

leading to my studio, which I almost had under control early on until the Mr decided to confiscate my old patchwork stash storage cupboard to use for his clothes.

Dont feel sorry for me, see, an empty cupboard. Very un-useful if I cant access it, but theres a glimmer of hope. Those blue Ikea bags hold an amazing amount of fabric. My upcycled life is in those bags.

Another empty space up top in this room too and they are surprising and deep and go to the ceiling.
Oh and theres my broken vacuum cleaner in the corner. Sad. I loved that sucker.

Im sensing that all this place needs are some hooks and nails to shove as much on the walls as possible and surely it can be just as clear as the last place. If only I could find the hammer. A bit of styling thrown in after I glean some inspiration from Pinterest perhaps? Ive seen the craziest cotton reel holder on there that ill be coercing the Mr to help me build this week.

I may as well take you out the front while im at it.
But then this is his stuff and ill need to leave him something to do when he gets back.
Theres also a canoe and a punching bag in the front yard. But the gate is locked so you cant get in.
Did I tell you my bike got stolen while we were away?

Better dive into it.

Hope you all have a more imaginative weekend!


Caroline said...

Gosh Wendy - that's one big job you have there! Suddenly my house feels all tidy like after looking at your photos. I got two little bits of fabric today for the KCWC, just a few simple pairs of pants for the baby will be my effort. I think you can do it too!

Caroline said...

Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I absolutely heart your creations & have been following your blog for a while I even have it on my sidebar of my blog!I hope you get your jobs done while your "single" this weekend but then numerous cups of tea sitting in the warm autumn sunshine would be enticing for me -with a deliciously good book that is.

Maxabella said...

Daunting! But you'll get there, Wends.

OMG, your headline fooled me good and proper. I couldn't believe it! Which is just as well as a weekend is hardly 'leaving'... well, not entirely.

Enjoy the process. Look forward to the end. x

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