Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Im blessed, you know.
Im blessed that when I really need to, I can come up with something to make and sew away my day, thats give or take the couch potato asking me to drop him somewhere, without doing anything I ask him to in return for my favour. I view it as a favour or reward for lawn mowing or doing other chores, whereas he sees it simply as part of being a mother. Im left wondering whos right? Working from home isnt that great unless the people you live with are working too of a sort.
Nevermind that right now, look at what ive made today! 
And im still wanting to do more tonight as these are so very quick to sew and im loving the method used to put them together.

Sew the elastic into a casing at back
line and stitch the straps
place the straps inside front and lining, then sew
pin and sew pockets on
side seams with lining wrapped around elastic end
stitch the straps in place and hem!

Can you tell im excited?

These pinnies, plus one lonely little eskimo order are part of my shop update.

Little Tree Kids will be at the Mornington Main Street market tomorrow with these and anything else I come up with tonight. Im hankering to some more upcycled knits for winter too.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Lovely pinnies, so cute! I wondered if you were at Red Hill on Saturday - I had my first market there - very cold and rainy - but I hope to be back come Springtime! Enjoy Mornington, that is where we used to be before our move! xxx

Notchka said...

Ha! Doing nice things for people is not an obligation!! Gorgeous little pinnies by the way!

mel @ loved handmade said...

These little pinnies are so adorable! If only I had girls, though we'd probably be broke!! At least I know where to go for little friends birthdays..

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