Tuesday, October 4, 2011

today im working on

Today ive been working on the ladies wrap dresses for tomorrows market and in true form (for me) the first one to be finished isnt for the market at all but a dress for Kate. (I hope you like it!)

And because I see you as a die hard pocket girl like myself I placed a nice big pocket on for you, only dont put small things in it and expect them to be there when you look again. A ball of wool will be perfect though as you could thread the wool through and have it unwind for you. Well, maybe...

I thought this needed an elegant longish type doiley at back instead of a circle. The circular doileys only look right on the not so floral fabrics I think. Round = girly/feminine, graphic = elegant/classic.

Im off to finish more and the light is fading so there will be no photos until tomorrow, hopefully, just perhaps, there wont be too many left.
Catch you guys tomorrow with fingers crossed a less eventful market story this time.

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Kate said...

Oh Wendy, it's perfect!
I adore it. I am terribly excited. And how cool is the idea of the pocket with the wool dangling out! I am so going to try that.
Emailing you right now.
Thank you!!! xxxxx

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