Monday, October 24, 2011

our old home

We went for a drive in the country on the weekend and went to see our old home and how the garden was growing. I wanted to take some serious shots of the rock wall that had occupied alot of our days while we were living there.

We never knew how long it was going to take us to build or how massive it would end up being, which in the end was over 40 metres in length. Thats Mr.TL at the top of the driveway so you can really see the scale. It is a metre in height most of the way along as any higher and you would need a permit. Plus we wanted it to be solely dry rock, no mortar. We could never have done it if we had to mix mortars too.

After the second column we were so close to selling that we chose to build at a lower height to use up the remaining rock and make it go further.

The lavender we planted across the front of the house was just what I had dreamt it to be.  It is nice to see it being taken care of and trimmed regularly. The lady who bought it truly understood my vision and has kept the garden completely how we left it.

This is my utmost favourite part of the wall. It was the piece we saw most when we parked the car, the piece you saw when you looked out from the kitchen and the part closest to the front door so I fussed with this section. It was also the easiest to build being right nearest to the pile when we got a delivery of rock. If you are wondering which rock we used it is from Castella Quarries near King Lake and I still have the name of the driver if you want me to put you onto a good delivery guy. It wasnt easy to find and I searched for over a year to get the perfect colour and size. Oh and price too! We had two deliveries with good estimations of what we could achieve and it only cost just over $700 to do.

Another highlight were seeing that these echiums I planted from cuttings have thrived and are perfect for this spot. It was so dry and the soil was hard as rock here.

These were all freshly planted for selling, (as you do) and it is so nice to come back to see them matured. 

It amazes me how fast pear trees grow.

There is still more work to do but with four acres there was so much upkeep and cutting back that it didnt get done while we were there.

I have the same doormat at this new place, weird as I bought neither of them. Is there only a small range out there or something?

I used to work at the Polish Jester restaurant so we stopped in for lunch with the new members of our family. That put us in a time warp, because we have such a different life now. All three grandchildren have been born since living here and its sad they wont know of this place.

It was good to try new beers and vodka.
We have had lots of talks lately about where to put down new roots and would love to fix up
or build another home  
including a rock wall and a garden full of lavender. I have four smallish lavender bushes at the moment and no wall to my name. When we do maybe you will be seeing tutorials on how to make indoor arches look like theyve been there forever, or how to design your garden to scale or how build a rock wall? Wouldnt that be different!


MonetPaisley said...

what an awesome dry rock wall. can you believe we had to pull one of those down to put in our driveway :-( it was my favourite part of this house.

I bought my dad a book on building with stone... such was his fascination!

Wish I had of seen that house, and loving the echium and lavender... two plant I think would look lovely here. just need to decide on a shade plant to suit aswell.

Hope you are well xx

willywagtail said...

I like your style. How sad that you haven't been able to keep that home. How wonderful to contemplate a future that involves staying put forever. Cherrie

Bungalowgirl said...

What a gorgeous stone wall and lovely garden.You did a fantastic job and it would be very exciting to watch you share your next project. melx

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

awesome rock wall, a lovely legacy to leave behind

Cherie said...

I'm shaking my head in awe ... how beautiful are the images, the house, your story, your future will surely be as stunningly lovely as you are ... BLESS :~)

Lea said...

Wow what a wall! So lovely that your garden is thriving. It's obviously in good hands. Looks like a peaceful and amazing place. How lucky you were to call it home.

Emma Thomsen said...

Did the new owners mind you stalking your old house? LOL That's so what we do, going out of our way to drive past old houses, it's funny to see old plants matured (or the garden ripped out and paved... I'm not bitter). Thank you for sharing, it is a truly lovely place!

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