Thursday, June 3, 2010

my creative space

Today I made myself a bandeau smock. 
 I used an old jumper that had shrunk in the wash but didnt look like it was and a piece of wool flannel the same colour left over from last year when I made some warm pants.

Its not as flattering as these dresses I made but its really warm and im thinking 
ill be able to throw it on with just about everything I have. Excuse the fact that I do not know where to place my arms so end up holding my stomach during photos. Probably a left over mannerism from being pregnant on and off for so many years?

The jumper is cut on an angle so that it will stay up ( measure chest )
but then fold back over without being too clingy.
The wool is cut out on the bias ( 45 degrees ) and I just cut it slightly a-line, 

then curved the side seams for interest.
I left the hem edges raw as im familiar with this fabric and it wont fray readily.


The top folds back over itself

so I stitched halfway along reversing the seams so they wont show on the outside.

I zig-zagged the edge of the jumper

Then put a piece of ribbon I love on for straps.
 I placed them on directly over my bra to make sure bra straps wont be seen because
 im planning on wearing this with only a jacket for evenings.

Im off to see what you all were up to over at Kirsty's as ive been a tad too busy to peek til now.


Liesl said...

How clever - I love your design! I wish I could come up with things like that.

Tracey said...

looks fab, what a clever idea!

Vic said...

I really love the side seams, I am thinking I could use something like that now to cover the ever-growing bump!

Steph said...

Very clever! Looks gorgeous too! I may just need to whip myself up one or two. Thanks for the great instructions :)

BOB & MABEL said...

It looks so good, you've done a great job!

Tanya said...

Looks funky, I really like it.

Copper Patch said...

A naughty blogger might suggest getting rid of the bra altogether....especially on a Wednesday :o)
Nice work Windy
A x

beck said...

Love this Wendy! Another great idea that looks ace xo

the textured leaf said...

Only when im sitting on my couch apparently, Copper Patch. Dont tempt me!
Any one who hasnt been to Copper Patch lately, its well worth a visit if you feel like a good laugh.

Wendy said...

looks gorgeous, straps or no. :) Thanks for the mini-tut....

zofia said...

I like this...very nice!

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