Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a stopping day

We had a huge weekend with family and before I knew what I was doing it was too late. Ive put my shoulder out lifting the grandkids too much and wrongly. The sort of 'out' that sees your shoulder differ from the other one by two inches in height and makes your arm go numb rendering it useless to the point that you want to cry in a corner, any corner will do. 
There are three grandkids all of a sudden so its no wonder. I tend to think im stronger than I am right now. So its been watching movies and slowing down for me these last two days. Any suggestions for whats good to watch at the moment? Ive caught up on all the Grand Designs I had taped...

Ive hit the productive wall. Its not that I dont want to sew, its just that my body, in particular my shoulders and back are telling me to stop. Not slow down, but stop completely.
The problem is that I have a few unfinalised custom orders so its not a very good time for this to happen.
I struggled so much at the beginning of today and wasnt moving 'right' that I spilt bleach on a dress as I was ironing it. Then another disaster when I realised I had completely finished a jacket only to discover the hood had a stain in the wool I hadnt noticed before. This sometimes happens when I cut out at night that I dont see the imperfections until the following day.

On the upside, you know how im always coming home from the market exhausted? the put-myself-straight-to-bed kind of exhausted? Well it seems I forgot to update the shop with these few things a whole month ago. I was pleased to discover them and that I can manage a shop update with no sewing needed after all.

Love the brown and citrus check blanket for eskimos right now. Its saying dusted boho.
The orange one is an order headed off to the UK as we speak.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I wish my kidlets would wear your eskimo's! We watched a couple of good movies, 'Hanna' with Eric Banna and 'Get Low' - not sure who is in that one... Hope you feel better soon xx

Anonymous said...

i love covering stains and rips with doilies! i hope your poor shoulder comes good soon Wendy. sending hugs.


A Christy Production said...

Dude!!! Why do our bodies fail us? It's just not fair! Something good to watch in the interim is The Renovators.

I watch it pretty much every day. And the episodes are really long so it takes me a few days to get through it. It's really fun, and I cry whenever people get eliminated cause some of them are sooo nice.

Anyway, I'm rambling.

willywagtail said...

Sos sorry to hear of your woes. How long does it take you to get better. Can Susannah help? And are you going to be a good girl and take this time off to cry in the corner until you gdet better? Hugs Cherrie
PS Still trying to work put the bleach while ironing but I guess it's the women who do many things in one go type act that causes such errors. A doily on the dress/?

Frankie and Ray said...

Arrrgh. I hate it when you put in all the effort and then a. make a horrible mistake like the bleach, b. discover stains, c. put your shoulder out. I understand your need to cry in a corner. I would be too. In the meantime, take a hot bath, pop a heat bag on your shoulder, pour yourself a drink , and settle in for the whole series of Downton Abbey on dvd if you haven't already seen it! Get better soon! Jo x

Sally said...

Oh I do so hope you are having a cup of chai with that sore shoulder. Take it easy for a while and hopefully you'll be back in action soon.

wendy hill said...

im going to apply all of the above! Thanks ladies, x

beingsimone said...

Have you watched the Game of Thrones series yet? You'll love it :)

Rest, rest, rest and don't allow any thoughts of what you 'should' do xxx

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