Monday, August 15, 2011

tired but happy

Before I change my constantly changing mind, let's not analyze this one too much shall we? im sharing my thoughts.
To set the scene for you heres a shot I took in the mirror last night. Yes im in my pyjamas, (havnt quite had a whole pyjama day since the move began). Yes that's a band aid on my left hand and there are two more to keep it company. I do only mansize elastoplast tape these days, so I can keep working.
Another thing ive been sporting is this hair style the whole way through the move and didn't really give it another thought. It was serving me well despite always having to be placed very unglamourously atop my head, not back slightly but including-the-fringe-on-top, until I tried to take it down then discovered the matted mess. That's what I get for neglecting to find my conditioner for nearly two weeks, hence the reason im standing here in the first place. So im in the ensuite taking this while searching for some conditioner/sorting/decluttering, reflecting on the odd happenings the move has set in motion.
I finally had time to reflect through all the chaos and discovered im a 'happy' tired. I really struggled with certain emotions this time moving. The most prominent being dissappointment at leaving the old house and not feeling ready. As I stood here last night I was whelmed, not overwhelmed not underwhelmed, just whelmed.
I finally feel this is home.

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