Saturday, August 20, 2011

womens wrap dress samples for spring


I am setting up this page/link so I can provide an easy link to customers
 who wish to see some fabrics.
So here are the latest womens wrap dress samples in house ready for Spring.
 These are mainly cotton vintage sheeting but all colours of gingham are available too if youre after that fifties housewife look!


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Hi - lovely! I have a few of those in my collection...

How much would a size 10-12 be in the pale pink with polka dots and little flowers?

Thanks, Rach - Squiggly Rainbow xx

Evee said...

I recognize the peacock. Mum bought me a cover when I was a teenager. Sheridan I think....? I remember it feeling so soft, almost velvet like. Great collection! X

A Christy Production said...

One word.. love!

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