Sunday, August 21, 2011

sculpting, scones, sunshine

This weekend was oddly eventful for us. I mean it was full of odd events.
We baked scones. Together. That is, both our hands were in the bowl at the same time.
Nothing like this ever happens with us, especially lately as were always doing things that need to be done seperately. Rushing here, picking so and so up from there, grabbing groceries late at night, if at all.
So the scone thing kind of became an event.

Then there was the sculpting/fixing of the marble slab weve been holding onto for years
supposed to be for our one-day-fireplace. We had it leaning up against the fence and it got smashed when the next door neighbours dog jumped against it. It lay there depressingly for a couple of days then I ran over it and broke it some more. Weve been sculpting it over the weekend and now it will become two cheese platters. 

Somebody likes being outside in the sunshine and it was the sunniest day here in Melbourne. For the first time I brought the washing in and didnt have to put it through
 the drier to undampen it. Bring on the Spring!

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A Christy Production said...

The cheese platter is looking good! And little munchkin is growing up fast!

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