Wednesday, August 24, 2011

etsy finds: a feature

Have you heard? shop, Little Tree Kids was featured on Etsy Finds yesterday. 
Thanks for letting me know Christy and Monique.
Yay me right? I know youll all be happy for me,
 but I admit I kind of went into a small panic. There I was rather merrily thinking Eskimo season was over and very ready to begin sewing some anticipated summer dresses, simpler too (did I ever tell you those eskimos take 22 steps to stitch up and have 17 pieces?). It seems being on a feature page of Etsy is not for the feint of heart. Ive got myself under control now, though it wasnt an easy day for me. Im a bit worried that I wont be able to keep up. 

For today, here is the latest eskimo of the machine and it looks like orders are going to keep coming in from overseas now. So much for doing things by the season? (which I can never quite manage to nail anyhow).

The light was fading again, even in this bright sunlit house, and this still needs top stitching but I sneakily have photos for the shop. What did someone once call this stage? the stage where something looks finished but needs a bit more stitching?
 'Blog ready' I think. 


zofia said...

It's all good Wendy.
You will get there, Hooray!
It really is fab. you know. xx

A Christy Production said...

Hun, you are featured on Madeit today too!!!

Squiggly Rainbow said...

How exciting! Good on you - your designs are gorgeous! xx Rach

MonetPaisley said...

That look's lovely... Ha hahaha made it too, your going to be really run off your feet... You will have to employ some help...

Jennie said...

Brilliant Wendy!!
Yup - thats the thing with a good product, that only you have to make them all when the orders come in. Its a catch 22 situation - brilliant, but hard work! Hugs to you XXJ.

Lea said...

yay Wendy! We adore our little eskimo. I'm sure you'll be be swamped with orders:)

melissa said...

Thats excellent Wendy, congratulations to you! Those eskimos are too gorgeous!


Lis said...

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Best wishes,

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