Tuesday, December 6, 2011

monday makings

size 5

I have a shop update of all sorts of things this time. I could not focus to sew just one type of design today so here is what I felt like doing added to some things made for the market table on saturday. 

size 6

size 1

I spent yesterday evening cutting out about 20 of these in size 1 through to 5, that I hope to get done. Im off to sew at a friends place. Like having a studio away from home. I know, I know I have a lovely space here but I can be so distracted by my housework and phonecalls, well you know how it is, that I get alot more done if I go out for the day.

size 3

size 6 - 12 months

If you didnt see the post about the photoshoot in Tickle The Imagination online magazine here is the link.
My Little Tree Kids clothing features on page 53!

1 comment:

Copper Patch said...

Fabulous, eclectic mix. Happy sewing!!
Ab x
Ps. The mag shoot looks amazing, well done you!

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