Thursday, December 1, 2011


I figure im about halfway at becoming good at this *market thing.
I know around half of what I should know by now as far as where to put things to maximum effect,
ive dodgily constructed one half of what can become a changeroom, and
I mostly always rock up with about half the stock I intended to make. 

But I have nice friends that come to support me on the day, bringing me chai for breakfast and yummy cakes. Thanks Elisha!

Theres the standout customers who let me take photos of their kids. 
Then theres those gorgeous unforgettable kids who will pose readily for my camera.

I adored this little guy, can you tell?

I hadnt seen this aviator on anyone yet and I wasnt quite sure of the sizing as
I have to be honest ive found them hard to size.
I guess its a 3 - 4 then?

The weather did not make up its mind yesterday and I spent a good part of 20 minutes hanging on to the marquee worriedly cos the other thing im slack about is taking weights to hold it down. Meaning I never have taken anything at all. Im glad I braved it as the rest of the day was downright delightful.

*apologies for another boring market post


Sophie Slim said...

forgiven. I love market posts :)

Frankie and Ray said...

Never boring, I love to hear how your day was! xx

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