Thursday, December 29, 2011

marquee is mexican for umbrella

 At our house marquee, is from this moment, a mexican word for umbrella.
There was a taking out of the van and a setting up of a pivotal marquee for a mexican party last weekend.
Ill begin by admitting it was such a well thought out night by the youngins with mexican food aplenty that they had been working on for days leading up to the event. Adelins salsa is an experience no-one should be denied. I really admire well thought out plans especially as its not really a foremost quality of mine.
And so as happenstance has it... in the aftermath someone forgot to put my marquee back in the van for wednesdays market. I was asked about it in the tidy up the next day but I was busy sewing, and then I really forgot.


Tuesday night, I stayed an hour away from home in Mornington with a close friend down from Sydney who wants to learn how to do markets too. (Someone needs to alert her that I cant teach anyone a thing.) 
Anyhow, we were happily spending the evening finishing a few things, sewing and catching up, and after leaving Esther to her adrenalin fueled machining at 3am I sat bolt upright in bed remembering the forgotten marquee. 
One trip out to the van to confirm and a rough plan to visit Bunnings to buy an umbrella in the morning I finally fell asleep getting a couple of hours.

Subsequently im not having a good day today. Im tired and a bit sunburnt.

I had highlights during the day with Eleesa coming to visit, blessing me with her quilt makings to juice up the stall a bit and indulging me by trying on some new silk scarf tops only to find it difficult to decide on the blue or the red? 

She chose the red. 

 All I can think about right this moment is that I need to get stuck into some serious patchworking to realign my something-or-other when I work out what needs resetting but I simply have no energy. There might be Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner to wallow.


mel @ loved said...

Your stall still looks wonderful, and the mexican night sounds like great fun!
I received my gorgeous dress & have posted a little snippet about it today, thank you I love it! I hope you've managed to regain some energy..x

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh Wendy....I think we've all forgotten that something crucial at one time or another! I left home without my mirror and tiered dish once. Ouch. Anyway! You managed beautifully. I'm lusting after one of those scarf tops. Jo xx

Kim H said...

Me again - I also wanted to add that I have no idea how you could possibly be a grandmother! I'm going to have to read lots of older posts to see if I can get any clues there. You look about 30!!

the textured leaf said...

Oh Kim, dont be fooled its an old photo from about eight years ago that I happen to like because my youngest boy took it on a surreal night out we had as a family (before anyone was married) so has nice memories for me. That is all. I should update it, very misleading.

ps thanks anyway :)

Joanne said...

Mexican Party? Brilliant! Might be just the idea I was looking for- great theme for teens & preteens!

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