Saturday, December 24, 2011

last nights market

Yesterdays market was an unusual one.

It was my first time at a Trash and Treasure type market as up til now I had done Craft or Makers markets but ive been wanting to explore what one of these would be like.

I forgot I needed to pay at the gate (normally prepaying ahead of time) and only had half the fee on me because id left my change purse at home (arghhh, first time for everything) it was hanging safely on its hook in the bedroom. The gate guy was pretty grumpy but I promised to go straight to the bank before setting up and give him the other half so he let me in.

Some familiar faces kept stopping and chatting to the stall across the way where there was a mum and two girls so I promptly went over and asked how they knew each other. Turns out they knew everyone I knew and once my closer friends and family arrived it became a bit of a gathering, taking the kids back and forth to the beach while us girls enjoyed a glass of champagne. A very nice way to spend a market!

In the middle of all this (my stall was full of people!) a lady approached me about placing some things in her new shop at Sorrento. My first reaction was to put her off as I like things how ive got them right now but after we got talking I said ill come to visit. Im trying to stop myself from being so insular.

This is my new friend Ruby, she sews too!
In the background is Tiarna and out of shot there was Tamika who all three spent most of their time in my stall trying things on 1. cos it was fun and 2. cos it was cooler.
Thanks girls for allowing me to see my older size things on and giving me hints on what you like and would wear.

You never know what youll see at one of these and almost bought these chairs for the youngins as they have found a place closeby and move out next week. Lucky I didnt cos Adi doesnt like them one bit.

I almost bought one or two of these but decided to say no to myself.
I did end up getting a lovely tin with a scene of Venice but its in the back of the van so ill show you later.
Oh and I got the most amazing green pompom-ed ribbon you have ever laid eyes on which I cant wait to use for winter.
 And my excuses for having a few winter hoods in the middle of summer are

surprisingly my winter things have been selling
I had the strongest urge to make them
this is Melbourne (we have year round unpredictable weather if you dont live here)
 I like unpredictable things

Next week I will be back at Rosebud but across the road at the Rosebud Primary School market.
Ive heard good things about it so cant wait.


willywagtail said...

Looks like a fun day. Loving the way your stall looks with everything in it. Cherrie

Lotti said...

How nice .... looks like you might have a new lead to selling your goods. Love your stuff. Sounds like you had a great time at the market. Merry Christmas to you from Lottisworld.

MonetPaisley said...

ahhhh, and it was a lovely night. I was up till 3 last night making cakes and cushions and bunting and then dropped them all off this morning at 7 without taking photos so i hope indi took photos for me today. xxx

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