Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Weve been in this house almost six months and things are about to change.

The youngins, my son and his wife are about to move into their own little cottage down the road, not too far away so we can still see baby everyday. The big day is friday. 

I was home alone this morning and, as I usually tend to do, took photos to remember the house this way before we do some big shifting around. I dont quite know how I will find the energy or time but im sure adrenalin will have a fair bit to do with it by the weeks end.

I havent shown you inside any cupboards since I did the big organise I uncleverly named '11 rooms 11 days'.
(I was meant to do 1 room per day but I think it took me over 3 weeks in the end).
Anyhow, this is where I keep my patchworking and homestyle fabrics for cushions and curtains, near the long table out the back. The close proximity to a clear space is supposed to help in the finishing of things. Sometimes it does but most of the time they sit. Customers have been asking for cot quilts so ill need to do something along those lines.

A chair among other pieces of furniture is still waiting for a coat of paint and a new seat, hence the disguising cushion.

I love the embroidery on this even though I strongly dislike hot pink. Go figure.

Both of these cabinets in the hallway have craft related things filling them too. The first is full of old tins with buttons and buckles and beads and jewellery tools, etc and the other is full of embroideries from our travels.
I wonder how my family puts up with me taking over the house in this way, but I guess I have slowly got them used to it.

The studio is tidy for the first time since the makeover, taking me less than half an hour, cringe, but ill be back in there tonight anyway so it wont last.

The cutting table has healthy stacks of clothes waiting to be made up.

Oh and these are the pom poms I mentioned the other day only im not sure if I can part with any just yet they are the most lushious old green. 

I spent yesterday afternoon in my office (the bedroom) doing an inventory type stocktake to help me feel organised for the start of new year.

All of these rooms will get a revamp in the next couple of weeks as I find time.
I like change alot but the Mr doesnt. This time round he will be getting my studio and the lounge room next to it that was Navarh and Adelins to do his artwork in so im thinking he will be pretty happy about that.
I will be moving into the loft like I originally wanted and the couch potato will come downstairs into a bedroom and ill also score a guest bedroom which was baby's room complete with extra wardrobe space to hang things im working on which will be wonderful to have for a little while.

Happy tuesday to you!


willywagtail said...

Thankyou. And happy Tuesday to you and many happy ones to come! I think your family accepts your taking over the cupboards etc because you are a real homemaker and that is all part of who they love. Taking only 30 minutes to tidy your sewing room means it is well organised. Hugs to you. Cherrie

Beck said...

Your house looks lovely, so interesting and uncluttered. I hope the new changes are good for everyone and that your home takes on new energy. I love your sewing space, a tiny bit jealous! Enjoy the rest of 2011, not much of it left..x

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