Thursday, December 15, 2011

bias binding, new dresses and some finds

Lets start with the finds! I think I had forgotten how thrilling it is to find a huge stash of fabrics at the op-shop. Its true! I havent been going that much (maybe once or twice every two months) and when I do it is always because im desperate for doilies or a certain coloured fabric which takes all the fun out of the hunt. But today I threw caution to the wind and decided to reach for anything and everything that took my eye. As it played out, I only went to two stores to find all of this and more.
And do you know what I was kind of hoping to find? Ugly fabric. Yep you read right. I wanted ugly fabric to slice into bias binding. Cos you cant cut up the good cloth now can you? So the stuff here with the paler background is looking lovely in a bias binding on one of the dresses below, plus I will use the plain sheets too. The dark olivey green at the bottom of the pile is going to be wonderful, im predicting.

I found a couple of scarves for silk dresses. I dont know if ive shown you them lately but I will when I do another batch mid summer by the looks of things.

size 16
My shop update today is womens dresses. About time hey? and why I needed bias binding...

size 14

size 12
This one happens to have two pockets. Love.

And this size 12 is hot off the machine tonight. I dont know what the deal is with all this blue but I am having a blue year... so..

The studio is showing the signs of market chaos. I tried to tidy but couldnt find the head space. I want to sew.
I need to sew. I am doing a saturday market out at Warragul so my daughter Zjahlii can join me for the day. Then we will be doing another instalment on mum's kitchen over the weekend. Mornington Main street is holding a twilight market this wednesday so its going to be a long day, like a double market really. It finishes at 8pm.

Meanwhile my naughty corner is looking more organised than the rest of the room.

It looks like I have enough doilies to make oodles of dresses but I run out all the time. Seriously. Because they have to match well front and back and be the perfect one for the certain fabric im using too. For instance, certain flowers are certain shapes and the doilies should imitate the flower or leaf print I think.

All afternoon I was making binding and now my back is sore. I didnt even get that much done.

I have used this sheet for a couple of dresses but now it was time to reinvent it into something else. In other words im sick of seeing it.

Lots and lots of parcels have been going to homes around the country and my packaging efforts are the best theyre ever going to be. I still cant wrap things very well, and since I dont like seeing sticky tape, have succumbed to finalising them with a well placed sticker to hold down the paper folds. I think it works well. Shame I cant use my sewing machine to seal them...or could I?

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Maxabella said...

Beautiful dresses! And I could spend all day in your lovely studio too. x

Frankie and Ray said...

What treasures you've come home with from the op-shop! And, I love to see a messy, busy space, it means you're powering along in there! Can't wait to see the silks. x

MonetPaisley said...

Looks fabulous, I'll have to come and raid your op shops, I havent seen sheets or fabrics like that in the oppy for yonkers. Love the dresses, especially the third one down. xxx

Alison said...

So productive, so wonderful.
Sew sew sew.

Love the messy space, that's reality.

I haven't managed much lately, always seems to be something to be repaired.

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