Sunday, December 18, 2011

yesterdays market

As I mentioned earlier I was headed out Warragul to the Arts and Crafts market close to mums place yesterday. I stayed up til two making some necklaces. .

I wasnt quite sure where they would head and although they didnt reach the vision I had (as if they would on the first attempt! plus it was after midnight) I liked the overall look and wore one on the day anyway. Ill show them once they are in the shop. They were fun to make.

There are no market stall photos but some of the grandbabies instead. It was busy, busy with the little ones but a really nicely located market in the centre of town in a park, where we stretched out on the lawn under the trees behind the stall to wind down in the quiet parts of our day, (there werent many, as people wanted to stop and talk and know if I was a local girl etc.). It was rather delightful and ive booked to do a repeat.    

This is the latest dress in size 16 and its part of the shop update tonight along with the pinafores from friday.

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Lotti said...

Beautiful grandbabies. How blessed you are.

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