Monday, December 5, 2011


Life has been fast paced of late. Ill have more of real life for you one day soon but right now I cant stop penning about this market life* and the way things have been going down.
Like, sometimes if I mention what im working on to an eager customer, it doesnt quite make it to blog or shop update before im putting it in the post! Which happened with this yellow dress above.
So I really enjoyed the weekend as it was one of those where I had no expectations (of myself)
and just let it roll. I have really wanted to do a smallish school market and it ended up happily successful, which is just as well because I had to force myself out of bed early saturday to replenish the table stock with some slippers quickly. It seems folks like that you are a local maker just doing your thing, putting yourself out there.

I managed four pairs of odd boots and slippers that were leftover cutting out I had sitting by.
I always cut out more than I get done for each market and they build up for times like these when I simply dont have time to begin cutting out at such a late stage, like 3 hours before I need to be somewhere!

After a late update phonecall from market organisers I was informed that we would be inside due to a high wind forecast. Eeeek! I rely on the marquee to hang my clothes from. But I managed to talk myself through the logistics of the set-up plus the Mr said he would come and help me. That was nice of him. So, needless to say I did the handsewing on these littlies at the market.

A friend makes the owls, not me, in case you were wondering what they were doing sitting there.
Viewing this now I realise I need more height on the table and wished id taken my tree.
In fact on this fine monday morning im having a complete rethink of the stall look so I dont get caught out again.
Im loving the simplicity of Jo's set-up.

Sunday we had a family day in more ways than one. Recently we have had my husbands brother and his family move over to Victoria from interstate and it was so nice to catch up last night over nibblies and a bbq. I got so caught up chatting to my sister in law that I forgot to make the salad and dressing (until the Mr reminded me).
And she is also a fellow blogger too! You can check her out here.

*Or maybe this is who I am becoming at the moment in a scarily boring way. Oh dear!


Frankie and Ray said...

Hey Wendy! Another great day out - and by golly I love your rack! Nice to be inside though isn't it? Jo xx

Lotti said...

Oh I just love the things you make, those little booties are gorgeous. You are so talented.

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