Friday, December 2, 2011


Theres alot happenning behind the scenes here at Textured Leaf Studio.
Im busy with sample boards for a certain endeavour, sorry to be a bit secret right now.
Ill announce it once I figure out the logistics. Ive also been setting up an online shop for my daughter where there will be the most squeal worthy party dresses and skirts. Just you wait!!!
I, as her mother can hardly contain myself when I spy what she has made.
Then there has been a few too many to keep up with custom orders for ladies wrap dresses. One certain repeat customer is on her fifth, yes I said FIFTH dress!

And all I really want to do is make quilts with the Mr.
I spied this over on Pinterest recently. I think it will be simple to do, dont you?
I might go for a blue background where the white is instead.
If anyone is working on a quilt can you please leave me a comment as id love to visit and see... 

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lost_in_mellie said...

I have 2 quilt projects on the go but not quite inspired enough to finish them.

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