Thursday, December 22, 2011

girls hoods

I dont think I need to say how pleased I am with the two hoods I made today. With these simple colour combinations I couldnt really go anywhere but right.
The first hood uses up the outer scraps from when I need to cut into doileys for doing the slice back on the womens wrap dresses. I was wondering how I was going to use these leftovers... so now I know. Theyve been sadly sitting on my table looking at me for a few weeks.
If these dont make it to a new home by midnight tomorrow they will be part of my shop update over the weekend.

Would someone please tell me to get an early night for once?


Lady Demelza said...

you should be that pleased. they are just exquisite.
and i don't mind mean bossy if that's what's needed. wendy - GET AN EARLY NIGHT FOR ONCE. twice even.

Frankie and Ray said...

Wendy, they're adorable! Nothing like a crazy week just before get an early night tonight won't you. Otherwise you'll fall asleep in your pudding! Jo x

Elaine Wong said...

Love them & the simple colours go so well. Hope your market in Rosebud goes well this evening x

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