Friday, December 16, 2011

today im working on

All of these are what I made today!
I dont quite know how other than starting early, ignoring anyone who asked for something and well.... I had a very surprisingly good sewing day (still going here of course, market tomorrow and all that).
I had nice interruptions by way of visitors and some dropping off of family members out for the evening but cancelling my own dinner plans ( I really wanted to go too), and right this minute im home alone, yay for me! As soon as I sign off im about to embark on some accessory making after having an inspiring chat with one of my besty's, Elisha. Can you sense the buzz?
I hope I dont fall flat on my creative face but I will never know if I dont try,
will I?
I have Muse playing real loud, (okay, I had to call number one son to ask how to turn the speakers on) and ive been dreaming up some necklaces....
something for the table.

I cant wait to do the market this weekend with Zjahlii as its been about 6 or 7 weeks since ive seen my grandbabies! Ill be a bit emotional when I see them. The Mr will join us after lunch and did I ever tell you he thinks he's my lucky charm? He does you know...


willywagtail said...

All very gorgeous. The top green is totally not me but it has a lovely dreamy look in the photos. Enchanting. Hope the weather stays fine for you, you sell heaps before and after hubby comes and have time for lots of cuddles with the babbies too. Cherrie

MonetPaisley said...

Hoping you are having a wonderful day... you know I am your lucky charm too don't you?!?!?!?! love all the beautiful dresses, xxx

ChooiYEe said...

Love the first dress in green. Do you do that in size 10-12? Hw much will it be ?

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