Friday, December 9, 2011

my inner space

Every now and then I indulge, taking time to fully immerse myself in a sea of architecture.
Tonight im doing just that. I imagine standing in the spaces and it sends me somewhere else. Feeding my inner space. I absolutely love upscaling and the idea of adding in unnecessary moldings wherever possible has my mind whirring with possibilities, (I drove the Mr nuts when we did up our country house) so I was fascinated by the details of this compact place.

 It looks like an average gorgeous loft but they have squeezed so many good things in here. There is more to it than first sight tells. Like the odd door with odder windows above the larder completely mismatched to the one next to it. They could have had two same doors, it would have been easier.

The way the kitchen door is set into a column and therefore gives the illusion of being set into the wall.
And the view has been allowed through every angle with additional windows so a complete disregard for furniture placement. Who cares where youll put the couch and tv when the room is so pleasing.

Every window is an odd size and at differing heights.

Whoever built this could have blocked in the end wall to remove the angle but it seems they have left it for interest.

Maximum storage was given in the bathroom by building fluidly across what looks like the whole wall from end to end, something we rarely do in Australia. In such a limited space it might have been a gamble to think of using up so much floor room. If they didnt have this it would be junked up with everyday bathroom needs anyway.

Now this! This is so inspiring when you break it down. And since I found this the most enlightening room of all, in an architectural way, allow me to do it for you.

Breathe, breathe.
The large window used here gives a symmetry and balance not to mention the deepest window ledge ever. Again you would think it would encroach too far in on this tight tiny room but it only gives it a wonderfully english homey sense while providing a bench in which to work from. I mean even I would be able to fold all of my washing on that! And I would want to.

Ive never seen the use of a high bench in which to place appliances either, so there is no bending to be done. Ive always thought dryers too high up (so you miss finding the other sock) and front loader washing machines too low to see into. I like the matchboarding, who doesnt? and a heater in the laundry would be handy to take the dampness from clothes, wouldnt it? 

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willywagtail said...

Beautiful. I love the idea of the using the windowsill in the laundry for folding. Straight across from the drier makes it perfect for dumping and working. Laundries are my biggest architectural bugbears. They never have enough thought going into them. It's as if they are just storage rooms for the machines rather than places where real work get done every day. Like a man having a 3 foot wide workshop with people tramping through it everyday while he was trying to make a masterpiece. Wouldn't work at all but they expect us to do it every day. Gripe over. Cherrie

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