Monday, November 28, 2011

market day at mulgrave

Rosina and Sue are always kind enough to put me under the beautiful robinia trees when im at Mulgrave Makers market so on those hot days the heat doesnt get the better of me.

Im liking the symmetry of the stall now even though I forced it on myself when I decided to use my blue market
table in the studio makeover. There are still a few things I need like an extra rail/rack for the ladies dresses and to fit the two more designs for summer (they are still very much in my head but soon...)
I need to sort the changeroom out with proper curtains, and more baskets/containers to hold homewares would be good to fill the empty holes on the floor. Im thinking lightweight ones with wheels perhaps? Of course I need to sew the homewares too!

When I look back on my market day shots lately im a wee bit proud of how full things are looking. I mean it actually looks like I know what im doing, which is still in doubt.

When the style guru Eleesa comes to visit she does tell me but when your in the middle of it all you dont realise until later on how your stall might look to another. I am beginning to agree, Eleesa, and thanks cos you always make me feel sorted and relieved when you pop by.

Happy monday to you!

Im heading out to the shed tonight to do some much needed sorting.
Ive been leaving it up to the menfolk but it really needs a womans touch to tweak things back into their correct spots. Id rather be sewing but there is no choice.


Kelly Ingram said...

I am so glad you made it yesterday - the weather eventually played nice for us, didn't it? Your stall is looking gorgeous, and you have a fantastic range of goodies. Catch up soon xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Wendy, your stall looks lovely. No need to stress too much! I really like how you've arranged garments by colour, but I agree, you do need a more accessible rack for your ladies dresses!

Maxabella said...

I think it looks fabulous. Absolutely shoppable! x

Michelle Macdonald said...

so colourful and lovely.
Wow you have so much stock.

do you make dresses with sleeves by the way? I am fond of wrap dresses but with sleeves.
(I have ugly fat freckly arms)

dorothybills..... said...

Me the style guru? are the queen! but thanks for the compliment and I love my Wednesday pop in's...see you tomorrow!

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