Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in the middle of the night

This was the sunlight that came through the window yesterday afternoon while I was sewing. Isnt it glorious!
I feel lucky indeed to have such a space to work in. The light now reflects off the wall where previously the dark piece of furniture lived. Up til now I thought this room was too gloomy to do much work in during the day due to the shutters, and mostly I just came in here at night times. Even then things werent good because the lighting needed a strong globe and I never seemed to remember to buy one. Well, the concentrating of the doing up of the studio has altered my perspective entirely. I woke up in the middle of the night to go and look at what id achieved. Okay, okay, so I had a mountain of orders to cut and that was what kept me awake, but the point is im smitten with this room now!

Im working my way through cutting out some ladies size 16s this evening. I have a day up my sleeve tomorrow as instead of heading off to market the van is getting serviced. I feel free to play, and play I will! even if I have to get up in the middle of the night again. The Mr is used to me having these sporadic hours where I have to get my head around things I simply cant tackle in daylight hours.

Ive been working on a dress for Kelly. I only just got the size out Kel! with millimetres to spare, phew!

And a very small shop update tonight is this size 1 dress.

Does anyone know where I can source some grass green gingham? Im a bit desperate.
It must be the perfect green.
Leave me comment if you do, cheers!

I have to say a huge thankyou to Christy who sends me the nicest fabrics from her stash.
She says she will never use them but I just think shes being nice to me. Ive already cut out a wrap dress from the big liberty type floral you sent. Thank you for your kindness!


Kelly Ingram said...

Ooh close :-). Have fun playing tomorrow xx

Frankie and Ray said...

I crave a bit of sunshine in my workspace, but there you go, mine is a big room, and bright enough with lots of windows, so I guess I can't have everything! Try over here for the gingham, I stumbled over this site looking for something else, but it might do the trick.

Blandine said...

Wendy said "Does anyone know where I can source some grass green gingham?"

will this work for you?

cheers Blandine

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