Friday, November 11, 2011

ikea survey

After getting very roughly quarter of the way through the latest makeover here at the Textured Leaf studio I need to ask a few questions. If you had a certain idea for a room but then went browsing the local Ikea store and there were four options staring you in the face, would you

1. choose the piece that holds the most because hey, you know you will fill it with stuff anyway?
2. buy the one that was your original vision even if it only stores half as much and youll need to delete a few long held onto scraps?
3. go ahead and buy what youve had your eye on for ages regardless of how little it will solve your storage issues?
4. throw caution to the wind completely and get the most expensive but impractical thing because you simply love it?
or 5. defy your husband by making something secretly in the shed?

Well ...which would it be for you?
What do you think ill choose?
I was definitely leaning towards number five but after visiting Ikea this afternoon with girls only company it has led me down a different path. You know, I had always gone to Ikea with the Mr but boy was it different when we werent speeding through, I could take my time and didnt get the usual head ache.

Oh and I sewed another eskimo when I got home. I only wish I felt like doing more but maybe once I get a grip on the studio...


bec said...

Hmm, not sure if i'll be much help. I have just been to Ikea, and stuck with my original plan; however, it was plan B, as Plan A had the 'expensive but impractical' bookcase! I needed to get rid of the mismatched stuff, i'm going a bit more upmarket haha. Pics soon on the blog, once I get the flatpack stuff built! Awesome job on your mum's kitchen, by the way.

willywagtail said...

Sorry but I have to go for the practical here. You don't own your own home so customising a pieca and annoying the Mr is not practical. Buying your all time favourite, wonderful beauty that doesn't give much storage is not practical. Deleting scraps in your line of work is not practical (am I annoying you yet? lol). So I guess that only leaves Number 1 choice because it is practical. With love Cherrie

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