Thursday, November 10, 2011

shop update - wrap dresses

I think I told you how this above is one of my favourite fabrics of all time.
Well ive decided to part with a small amount of it for some dresses for the shop in a limited edition.
This is the first. I think, given the nature of the print they will be suitable for a special occasion. 

womens size 10

womens size 12

I have a small amount left of this green and olive leaf cotton to make any size from 8 to an 18 and thought I would mention it seeing the response this fabric got when I first showed it.

womens size 14

womens size 10

Im beginning to use the larger (more plentiful) doileys in different ways by cutting them in a splice across the back and im loving the results. A different sort of elegance but still ultimately wearable for day or evening which is the aim. 

In home news, ive had am emotionally draining week. My mums husband had to go in for eye surgery and we were not sure of the outcome as he is diabetic so it was high risk. He could have ended up completely blind as the surgery was on his 'good' eye, (he had lost sight in his other eye while waiting for three years for an operation). But then the bandages came off yesterday morning and he could see! Its been a bit of a bumby rollercoaster but we opened a couple of bottles of champagne to celebrate. Sometimes I dont realise how much ive taken on until its over with. 


kirsty@shoproomstudio said...

so glad to hear that all is well after the eye operation. the dresses look gorgeous miss Wendy. have a loverly wednesday.


Ange Moore said...

Wendy - that size 10 dress in your hard-to-part with fabric is lovely! How much do you sell these for - I may need to invest in something new for the summer!!

zofia said...

Ooh, I really love the green!

Miss Muggins said...

OMG is it too late to change my mind? I am in love with that green fabric!

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