Monday, November 28, 2011

mums kitchen - part two

Thursday and friday last week I was down at mums again sorting out the second instalment of her new kitchen.
Plan A for this week was to put together the cabinet to house the oven so mum could start cooking again. She has been using an electric frypan for the time being.
Only thing was, when we rang to make sure we could pick up the oven tower that we were waiting on, it hadnt even been ordered. Plan B, find one somewhere and go pick it up. While there we could get the rest of the bench top and get cutting out the hole for the cooktop. Well that wasnt meant to be either as they didnt have the same colour as the other Bunnings store. .

I didnt have a plan C. All I was able to achieve thursday, was to cut the hole for the sink ready for my son in law to plumb in, and a bit of problem solving. On the friday we did get our hands on the illusive oven tower, yay, but when I got half way through the instructions, I read it was a two man job to erect the entire upper part. The housings for the microwave and the top cabinet were too heavy to hold in place while screwing in. So after a bit of cupboard emptying I gave up doing any more woodwork and came home to sort myself out for sundays market.

It threatened to be a not so nice day (drizzling) but that didnt last very long, only while setting up really, then ended up sunny around midday. Ill be back later today to show how the stall looked this time around. I took our coffee table again! I need to get something that is a bit lighter to transport, methinks.


willywagtail said...

O dear. I had been looking forward to this next kitchen instalment. It didn't go very well did it? Very disappointing when businesses don't keep up there end. Hopefully the next installment will be more action packed (or unpacked as the case may be). Cherrie

Frankie and Ray said...

Best laid plans...etc. Ah well, not much you can do but wait! Glad the weather cleared for Sunday, we had a challenging wet, wet, wet day over in Seddon on Saturday!

Lotti said...

Can't wait to see the next update and the kitchen finished. It looks great so far.

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