Monday, November 7, 2011

mums kitchen, day one

 Im one of those people who, if they organise something, it will never ever go to plan. Ive tried to change this in many forms over the years but I give up. These days im just letting things fall where they land. I can say honestly that I like this about myself, and on the hop problem solving comes easily now that ive given in.

This is the corner we had aimed to tackle, possibly deleting the stove
if my son in law could be there on the day, which he was.

The plan

1. pick up oven, leave in back of van in case we needed measurements
2. drive to Bunnings to purchase flat packs in easy seperate modules
3. head home before lunch, build flat packs
4. place oven in oven tower ready for electrician
5. kick back with a cider in the evening

Number one went okay.
We got to Bunnings to find out we needed to special order the oven tower so had to rethink what we could possibly achieve without having it as our starting point.

At this stage we thought we were just going to do the corner so it wouldnt interrupt life too much. The oven
door glass had collapsed so it had to go, forcing us to start the kitchen in the first place. We were just about to do the bathroom, actually.

The other half of the kitchen was staying until later in the month.

Mum would still be able to do dishes and have running water.

The fun began as soon as we picked the oven up. I, of course, took photos of the day seeing as this is the first new kitchen mum has had in fifty years. Oh, I had half attempted the one at the old house but never finished.

I got stuck for quite some time waiting for a guy called Bruce in the plumbing aisle, long enough to think of getting the camera out. These guys were such good company while I tried to figure out what a female compression elbow was? I purchased the wrong one so next time im buying one of each and returning the ones that dont get used.

After much pricing of the individual carcasses, we bought a flat pack on sale for $749 (doors and handles included), saving what would have cost $700 (not including doors), plus a corner unit at $210 and a bench top at the last minute for $99. All up we were at Bunnings for over three hours even though I thought I knew exactly what we wanted. 

I think these boxes are meant for tray tops or utes. They do not slide sideways very well.

 Mum had done a supermarket run by now, and was holding a bag of chocolate and drinks. She had disappeared right when we needed to pay for it all so it took a few minutes longer again. We had a good laugh about this later. 

 I got involved at this point.
These guys were good natured about a woman directing.

When we got home it was all systems go so I dont have many shots of that in between stage. Riley rocked up soon after us and because of the extra modules in the flat pack, we took out the sink because there was no room to store the cupboards once they are made up anyway. Something I hadnt counted on. 

It was easier and faster to take the plasterboard off the wall than remove the tiles but this makes
 way for that spice cupboard mum always wanted.

I really enjoyed the instantaniousness of putting the pieces together. Not my usual choice but super easy.

Mum might be doing dishes in a bucket or the laundry sink for a couple of weeks but by now she was getting excited about the room taking a new shape.

Even with all the stuffing around it got to this stage. I made up some drawers to fill the hole in the evening, not bad considering I was plodding along taking my time so as not to make mistakes.

I went to bed thinking that we were going to achieve even more the next day but unknown to me the Mr had
other plans and booked a cabin to go away for the weekend. For the love of all bad timing!

The light through mums very expensive ugly blinds was really pretty at days end but im left
wondering is my neck really this thick?


Squiggly Rainbow said...

My Mr wants to go to Wilsons Promentory this weekend... for the love of bad timing here too - I asked if maybe he could just finish my kitchen! Ha - who knows - I think us girls may just stay home and send them away! xx

Maxabella said...

Wow, this is exciting! I'm so pleased for your mum and can't wait to see it all come together. x

willywagtail said...

Super girl you. Thankyou so much for taking us through all the details. You're going great guns. I like the idea of popping a spice rack in the cavity. Just the sort of thing my Mum would do. Can't wait for the next installment. Cherrie

Kylie said...

I love your Mum's kitchen in its original state (that lovely wall of pale green cupboards) but I can still understand how excited she is about getting a new one.
You are a lovely daughter to do this and I'm sure your Mum won't mind waiting a little longer, what's a week or so when you've been waiting fifty years?

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