Tuesday, November 1, 2011

shop update

womens size 16

womens size 16
special order flower girl dress - size 18 months

I always get to tuesday night and start to doubt myself and whether I will get the van packed ready in time, the orders finished for market customers, sew some new things to offer for a bit of freshness etc., and this week
is the same.
The unusual this week is that the front entry is full of clothes on my branch rack that needed drying after being in the damp air at the twilight market, I have a new basket from op-shopping with nothing to go in it, there is a disjointed selection for this week after placing the dresses in Davies and Son, and my mind is on thursday.

Thursday im going to be building the first stage of my mum's kitchen. Just a small corner. I havent done any woodwork for a while and I only have small window of two and a half days so im a bit worried at how far we will get. Mum's oven died the other day and she had to order a new one and it has arrived.

Afterall I have a van, some power tools, husband taught know how, so when you put two and two together that adds up to a new kitchen. I kind of like that I have a small space of time to do this otherwise, knowing me, I would just drag things out. I have been dying to do some mens work for absolute months and this will be good fun time spent with mum. I often hear myself saying that its because my dad was a boat builder that I like making things man style, but when mum and I get together to get a job done something else comes into the mix. At 76 she can still lift the same amount as I do. Which reminds me, the Mr and I went to our second gym session this morning and I was hopeless. 
He didnt like me as a gym partner very much either. I wanted to be a girl for once and lift the light stuff. 
Im probably going to reach maximum soreness for my pathetic efforts thursday. Yay me.

Anything to add? 

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