Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its 10pm and im waiting for the Mr to get home and secretly hoping I have a couple more hours up my sleeve to prep for market. Ive been sewing since I woke up. By the clock to be precise.
I sewed more dresses than I thought possible and now am working on some girls shorts and a couple of cushions for the table, things Id been meaning to do a year ago. I will be ironing and labeling and sizing into tomorrow which I try not to do as im not a morning person by nature and it renders me slightly incoherent for the first hour in the morning. Lately ive been organised enough and getting to bed before midnight but im not that lucky tonight.

I hope to see some friendly faces tomorrow, actually I know I will cos a few of my friends live closeby, but I mean regular customers and the other stall holders. Find me at Mornington Main Street market tomorrow, at the beach end across from the great little eatery,Via Boffe.


Frankie and Ray said...

What a whirlwind genius sewer you are. I hope you get a little bit of sleep tonight! And a great day tomorrow too!

Evee and Avy said...

I can't wait to come and see you Wednesday's. Our house gets packed up and goodies carted away tomorrow...ah!!
Hope you had a great market day.xx

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