Wednesday, November 2, 2011

house tour - joe and helens

If sometimes I mention we will stay in the city for the night, most likely it is at Joe and Helen's.
Their home has its own atmosphere of age and my midnight snapshots dont do it justice. One day soon I may remember to get the camera out before the sun goes down, but I like it just as much at night. Ive never thought to ask about why there always seems to be a huge bowl of enough tomatoes to do an italian chef proud.

They will soon be renovating this home in big way which was half my reason to capture it how it is.


Lotti said...

What a stunning house. Right up my alley, as I just love houses with character .... and this house has it in spades.

Cherie said...

Gorgeous so much character, imagine the history there, sad if it's all going. Lovely for you to have somewhere so beautiful to stay :)

Rowantree Design said...

Hi, just found your blog via Monet Paisley. I have a house much the same in the inner west of Sydney and it's crying out to be renovated. It is a work in progress as it involves heritage architects etc we should have some plans next year, fingers crossed. I am always photographing bits and pieces of the house.. Will have to do a post. I love your blog. I also did blogtober only missed 5 days ?

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